18 April 2012

18 months!

we did it! we made it to 18 months!

i really can't believe that sabrina and fiona are already that OLD! i had a talk with sabrina just the other day about how she and sis need to stop growing cuz they are just getting too big. i don't think she was really listening to me though.
these cuties had their 18-month check-up with the doc and everything is great! they are growing big and strong and [thankfully] didn't have to have any shots this visit!

sabrina: 21 lbs 2 oz (9%) & 32.1 inches tall (65%)
fiona: 21 lbs 10 oz (13%) & 32.5 inches tall (76%)
VERY close together. but this is actually the FARTHEST apart they have ever been (a whole 1/2 pound difference!) they are tall and skinny, little string beans!

they are jabbering a lot these days! they have their own language that they can understand, but we only understand a few words here and there:
mama & dada
nana (banana)
duh (ducks) say cack cack! (quack)
dah dah (dogs) say arr arr!
car [anything with wheels]
sip (sippy cup)
sots & soos (socks & shoes)
caca (cracker)
dishee (fishy)
juckuh (jacket) [then the run to the door because they know that "jacket" also means "outside"]
hi & bye
aww [followed by a hug]
yes & no
tank oo (thank you)
dis (this) [along with a pointed finger]

wave, they hug lots and blow kisses, give high fives. they run very fast in opposite directions.  they love to climb and play peek-a-boo and they love drinking milk, juice or water. sabrina and fiona love to scream to each other [happy screams. very high pitched. then they giggle at each other!] they can point out their nose and ears and are starting to recognize what eyes and mouth mean too.  they both have 12 teeth [four in front on top and bottom, 2 top molars, and 2 bottom molars.] they love wrapping up in a blanket and walking around all wrapped up. they love to color pictures with their crayons.  they color and do other things with both their right and left hands, so we don't know which they will be yet.  their hair is long enough for pigtails and ponytails now and they looks so cute in them.

is such a little sweetie. she loves to snuggle and when you give her a high five, she will also give you a "pound-it" to go along with it.  she loves giving hugs and making kissy faces.  she loves to swing and climb to the top of the playground.  she loves shoes and jackets and her kitty pillow pet.  she LOVES animals and will point them out whenever she sees one. sabrina shakes her head at us to tell us "no." [she does this a lot when she doesn't want to eat what i'm trying to feed her or she is done eating.] if she is upset, she will flop/throw herself on the floor and wail. sabrina is a binkie thief! she often takes them right out of fiona's mouth. even if she already has one in her mouth at bedtime, she goes to sleep easier if she also has one clutched in her hands.  she also likes to steal spoons and sippies from fiona too. sabrina gets a lot of bumps and bruises.  she's had a few black eyes, goose eggs on her head, scratches and scrapes and bruises.  i think it's because she just dives [literally] into what she's doing and doesn't always look where she's going. sabrina is a chipmunk- she shoves as much food as she can into her mouth and stores it in her cheeks while she slowly chews it up.

is so fun to be around!  she has a great giggle that is loud and proud.  she loves to open her mouth up as wide as it will go to show you how happy she is. she knows what she wants and tries very hard to let you know. she will point at something and wait for you to figure out what she wants. she'll say "no" to you if you get it wrong. she loves to slide and isn't afraid to go down the big slides all by herself.  when she gets to the bottom she giggles and claps because she is so proud of herself. if we ask her a question and she doesn't know the answer, fiona will shrug and say "doh no!" (don't know!) or if she doesn't know where sabrina is, she'll ask "where see go?" (where she go?) she gets a little nervous in the tub and doesn't like to get her face wet, but she loves to splash with sis.  she is very attached to her puppy pillow pet and clutches it very possessively in the morning when she first gets up. don't try to take it away or she will let you have it!  fiona is a cautious eater.  she takes small bites and chews slowly.

fiona is piling toilet paper into her potty:

fiona in the pink shirt hugging sabrina in the white shirt:

sabrina's black eye (the left one- not a great picture, it was already fading here):

*sorry for the quality of the pictures, they are from my phone. my camera needs a new battery and i'm waiting for it to arrive.

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  1. I have thought since they were born that they are the cutest little ladies ever! 18 months is a huge milestone.