03 April 2012

lost keys

so my keys have been missing for a few days now.  the last time i used them was when i went grocery shopping on wednesday.  i noticed that they were missing almost immediately and looked around for them but had no success. i knew the girls had been playing with them and figured they would turn up eventually.
so now it's monday and still no keys. i'm starting to get a little concerned, so i looked everywhere i could think of today. still no luck. i had dallin check both cars to see if they got left in there. nope.
well for FHE tonight, during the prayers, we asked that we would be able to find my keys. and then we had a lesson about being thankful. keep in mind, our girls have like NO attention span, so prayers last 20 seconds, the lesson was about a minute.  then we colored a picture about being thankful for food and clothes and our home.  while we were doing that, i remembered that i had found the dvd case for "tangled" in the trash earlier this week (thanks girls!) and the thought came that maybe the keys had ended up there too.
so i got out a trash bag and started looking through the garbage.  about halfway through, i found my watch. sweet! i hadn't even noticed that was missing. but no keys. so i kept sifting through, moving all the trash from the garbage to the new sack and at the VERY bottom of the trash, underneath EVERYTHING else sat my keys!
guess who put them there? that's right. sabrina or fiona. i'm not sure which one. (remember this?)
well, we had a talk with the girls about not throwing things in the garbage anymore.  and then we said a prayer to say thank you for helping us find our keys so quickly. all in all, a very successful FHE :)

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