18 September 2012

Days you remember

In ten, twenty, or fifty years from now, when I think about when the girls are little, I hope I remember days like this:

When the girls insist on wearing their winter hats (who knows where they found them) to Costco in 80+ degree weather. Have you ever tried to reason with two almost-two-year-old girls about the fashion no-no's of winter hats in September? You'll lose every time.

Or days when they fall asleep during lunch because they are so worn out from rolling around on the floor, reading books, and playing the piano.

Or the day where our dishwasher was broken. Daddy tried to fix it and the girls thought they would help him out.

Or how they don't like wearing diapers anymore. And the only way you can convince them to put them back on is to say, "Well, if you don't want to wear diapers anymore, then you have to use the big girl potty. " And their reply is, " Nooooooo!!!". And only then, will they let you put a diaper back on.

Or days at the zoo with Gus, Van, the tigers, bears, and seals. Where Fiona squeals in delight when you pull into the zoo because she knows exactly where you are! And tears from being in the car too long, immediately dry up because she's excited to see the bears.

Or that Saturday morning where the neighbors were laying sod, and you let the girls come outside with you in their brand new Jammie's knowing full well that they will probably be ruined. But it's okay because you know that the girls are going to love rolling in the dirt and getting all dusty.

We have lots of good days. So I hope that I remember those days instead of day like today, where the girls refused to take a nap. And it's 4:30 pm now and they are really tired (read tipsy, hysterical, giggly, grumpy and weepy all at the same time) but you can't let them go to bed yet because then they will be up for the next day at 3 a.m. Or days where you are so tired of them doing the exact opposite of what you say, that when your husband gets home, you practically run out the door and drive off in the car for a Diet Dr. Pepper and some retail therapy.

But most days are good. And every day we are blessed And so let's remember those ones. Let's make happy memories and try to have good days every day. I think we'll all be happier that way.


  1. Sweet Becki! Hang in there! We all have days like today, so know that you are not alone! I hope too to remember the sweet memories instead of the stressful days.

  2. You're an inspiration to me babe. You do a great job, and you are a wonderful mother. Keep you hands up. I love you! Ps those pictures are awesome.

  3. Amen! What a great post, Becki. Your girls are so so adorable!

  4. I sure love those girls. And I really do need to soak up and focus on all the good things an good days. You are awesome.