10 September 2012


So since we've moved, I've been trying to get unpacked (done), clean (done), organized (partly done), and decorated (mostly not done).

Here are a few projects that I did to help me on my way.

First up was the window above the kitchen sink.  It didn't have any blinds or curtains.  I wanted a way to give us some privacy, but still let the light in.  I found this idea through Pinterest, and made a few adaptations. I got the napkins, tension rod, and rings from Target.  I LOVE how it turned out and it was SO easy.  No sewing, gluing, or cutting involved. Total cost was $10.

Second, I was looking for a way to store my jewelry.  I was using a TINY little box that my brother Ben made for me for Christmas probably 15 or 16 years ago.  While I love the sentimental value that it holds, and I would never get rid of it, I needed something that would hold a little more. I found this idea through Pinterest and put my own twist on it. I got the hoops and lace from my wonderful mother. I painted the hoops bronze (from paint I already had) to add a little color and then I got a glass bottle to stack my bracelets on. Total cost was $1 (for the glass bottle). I love how it looks and my jewelry is so much more organized now!


  1. I definitely need to do some organizing. Love the glass bottle idea!!

  2. That's funny you were using a small box from your brother- my little brother gave me one maybe 15 years ago that I'm still using. I think he got it at a dollar store. :)