19 August 2014

being in a different country

being in a different country than your spouse is not all sunshine and daisies. (i know, you're shocked.) and luckily for Dallin and I, this separation is only temporary. i totally feel for those couples who have to do this regularly, whether it be for military service or jobs, or what not. it is not easy.
google hangout-ing
here are some of the things that are hard for me:
- there is a 7 hour time difference between salt lake city and edinburgh, scotland. that means that the only overlapping hours that we are both awake (unless someone wants to stay up really late- hint: not me) is from 7 am-3 pm for me (or about 2 pm-10 pm for him)
- when you are used to sleeping next to someone every night, it's hard to sleep when they aren't there!
- the girls and i just miss him terribly. when we talked to Dal on the computer today, deaun just clapped her hands and said his name over and over and over again because she was so excited to see him, but then she got sad because she couldn't walk over to him and grab his face.
- i'm lacking in the motivation department. it's hard to get through my list of things to do when he's not here to remind me or help me get them done.
- we have been so spoiled this last month, because Dal wasn't working anymore, so we got a whole month to just hang out together all the time, and now that he's gone i'm having serious withdrawals! i just miss hanging out with him!
talking with Daddy and eating
here's what he said about what is hard for him:
not having you around. not being able to call whenever i want to make sure you're okay. also i miss not having you here to share these experiences with. you help me out a lot. more than just helping me get things done, but also help me emotionally.

luckily for us, this is a pretty temporary situation. the girls and i fly out to meet him in 5 days, and i have a lot i need to get done before then. and since we are living with my parents, we still have them around to help out with cooking and watching the girls.

however, that said, i can't wait til these 5 days are up so that i can see him again!

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