21 August 2014

throwback thursday- a love story part uno

I thought it would be fun to share the story of how Dallin and I met, fell in love, and got married. Dear readers, get your tissues ready. You are sure to cry at this story of everlasting love. (Don't roll your eyes at me, I can see you from here.)

Pictures from our dating days

The first time I saw Dal was in June 2008-  He doesn't remember seeing me at all, but I remember him.  Probably because he was the one new guy and I was one of several new faces to him.  Me and a bunch of friends were having a dance party in one of our apartments. Most of the lights were out and the music was loud. One of our guy friends came over with a new guy in tow.  He was cute.   
The first time we talked-  This was probably a few nights later.  I went over to his apartment.  His roommate, Dustin was famous for his smoothies, and he was making them that night. So I went over and the new guy was there, talking to Ash.  I had her introduce me and there was a little small talk.  Dustin brought me a smoothie and I drank that as we all talked.  Don't worry, at some point, a big chunk of smoothie came out of my glass a little too fast and landed all over my face and shirt!  Everyone laughed, and I ran for a towel to clean myself off.  I was, of course, super embarrassed! Our conversation didn't progress much that night, obviously, but I was intrigued and desperate to have a real conversation with him.
The first time we laughed and had a real conversation- I was over at his apartment again, probably a few days after that, probably drinking smoothies again.  There were two couches scooted right up against each other, facing each other, and I was sitting on one side facing him.  This time we talked and laughed and had a real conversation.  Dal said something about how we should hang out again. 
The next few parts of our story- The 4th of July was coming up in a few days, and I was planning on having some friends over to my parent’s house so I invited him to come with. We all drove a few cars over, and we ate, played volleyball and then Dal left. As it turns out, he had a girlfriend and went to hang out with her. I still thought he was cute, of course, didn’t want to get in the way of anything.
But over the course of the summer, we became good friends. We did a lot of things in a group setting and spent a lot of time just laughing and hanging out with friends. I found out from a friend that Dal wanted to break up with his girlfriend, but figured he still wasn’t interested in me.
One night for FHE, he invited me to go with his group up to Sundance, to see A Midsummer Night's Dream. We laughed the whole time. On our way down the mountain, Dal took his blanket and put it around both of our shoulders and just kept his arm around me.  I fit perfectly under his arm, and he kept me nice and warm. 
In August, we went for a scooter ride, you can read more about it HERE. (It's pretty hilarious if I do say so myself.)
One day, at the end of summer, I had taken the day off of work so that I could get ready for school.  My plan that day was to clean my room out really well, buy all of my books for my classes and get the notebooks and things I needed. I had a few other errands to run also. Well, midway through the morning, Dal gives me a call and says that he is in Provo for the day and wants to know if he can stop by.  Of course, I say yes, and he comes over a few minutes later.  Dal hadn't been able to find a contract to stay in the ward for Fall Semester, so he had moved home, back up to Salt Lake to take classes at the Salt Lake Center.  He'd come to Provo to get his scooter and help someone move. 
When he got there, he told me that he'd finally broken up with his girlfriend and that he felt great about it.  We proceeded to hang out all day.  We went to J-Dawgs for some polish dogs, we played guitar hero, we watched a movie, we talked for hours, and I think we even fell asleep on the couch at one point.  He left around 4:00 pm or so to go back to Salt Lake. 
I remember that being one of the best days I ever had.  I was convinced that we would never be more than friends, but I loved how he made me feel. When I said my prayers that night, I prayed that I would be able to find someone like him one day. I wanted to find someone who made me laugh like he did, and someone that I could talk to for hours, just like I could with him. 

To be continued...

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