12 September 2014

Deep Conversations- Vol. 3

More deep thoughts, for your reading pleasure.

Sabrina; Deaun came from mommy's tummy.
Grandpa Wayne: Really?
Sabrina: Yeah.
Grandpa: Where did you come from?
Sabrina: The bathroom.

Fiona: I love daddy cuz he's so pretty.
sabrina: Yeah! He is so beautiful!
fiona: He is funny when he tickles me.
Becki: What else do you love about daddy?
Sabrina: He loves to go to the farm. There is a little house on the farm.
Fiona: And a slide. And I didn't even pee on the toys!

Fiona: Mom you need to chill down or Santa not going to bring you presents!

Sabrina: I'm gonna cook a baby in my tummy.
Fiona: Yeah and then it's going to pop outta there!

Me: I don't know how to turn on movies at Grandma's house so we will have to wait til she gets home.
Fiona: It's okay. I can help you! I have a strong body!

Sabrina (pointing at Deaun): Oh! Look at her little baby eyeballs! Baby Deaun is such a grabber baby!

Fiona: It's too big!
Dal: What is?
Fiona: You are!

**Some of the following conversations happened LONG LONG ago. But when you are only three, last year and eighteen months ago is practically half of a lifetime. Oh wait... Anyway, I found them on my phone and they were too good not to share.

Sabrina: It's so sunny today.
Fiona: Oh no! Sunny is not my favorite. It's not good.
Me: What do you like?
Fiona: I like the shade is better. The shadows in my room is nice.
Sabrina: I wish the clouds would hide the blue sky.

Sabrina and Fiona fighting at their bedroom door.
Dal goes over to see what is going on.
Dallin: You guys can't fight. What are you even fighting about?
Fiona: I need the door closed.
Dal: Why?
Fiona: Because Sabrina needs it open.

Sabrina: This salads be choking. I just want veggies.

Sabrina: Who tooted? It smell! It was me!

Sabrina: Bug! Bug!
Fiona: Don't worry, I stomp it! (Stomp!)
Sabrina: Bye bye bug!

Sabrina: We not have to sleep in the crib. It's in the closet.
Dad: Yeah, it's in the closet.
Sabrina: Yeah. Cuz it not have batteries, right?

**These are some from when Deaun was a newborn and the girls were learning about nursing.

Fiona: What her doing?! Why Deaun eat your dots?!

Sabrina (watching me nurse): What's sister doing?
Me: She's drinking milk.
Sabrina: What?! That's CRAZY...

Sabrina (watching me nurse): Is she drinking milk?
Me: Yes.
Sabrina: Oh I LOVE milk!

Fiona: What are those? (Pointing to my boobs) And why Deaun eat them? I do NOT like baby milk!

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