05 September 2014

Deep Conversations- Vol. Dos

Well, let's be real here. Three year old don't really have deep conversations very often. But they certainly do have interesting ones...

Sabrina: Mom, I love you.
Becki: I love you too.
Fiona: Mom, I love you.
Becki: And I love you. Why don't you tell your dad now, too?
Sabrina: Daddy, I LOVE mommy!

Fiona (standing in her underwear by the toilet)
Dallin: What are you doing Fiona?
Fiona: Dad! There was a bug in the toilet! But I had to go bathroom! So I flushed it. And I wasn't scared. But I WASN'T calm either...

Becki: Can I nibble your tummy a tiny bit?
Fiona: Humans don't eat tummies, they only walk and sit down.

Dallin goes into the bedroom to tell the girls its time to go to sleep and stop talking.
Sabrina: Dad?
Dallin: Yeah?
Sabrina: I can make big bubbles with my mouth and I want to sleep on the bottom of my bed.
Dallin: Go to sleep.

Fiona: I can't talk!
Sabrina: But I can hear you. Maybe you're an elf. Elfs don't talk...

Fiona: Pooping makes my bum strong!

Sabrina sneezes near Deaun.
Fiona: Don't "Bless You" on her!

Sabrina: If you're stuck in a hole, say, "Mom, Dad, I'm stuck in a hole!"

Me: Fiona, please don't hit me with the frisbee.
Fiona: GRRRRR! I just want to talk about this. I'm MAD!
Me: Okay, let's talk. But it's still not okay to hit.
Fiona: Mom! You're just being crazy! And I'm being silly!
(Yes, you are.)

At Capitol Reef, looking at the red cliffs.
Sabrina: We have to take care of the country because it's so beautiful, so no painting on it. Okay?

Sabrina: (Playing make believe, after watching frozen) Father? Father? Oh no! He's dead!
Fiona: No wait! He's alive! Yay! Oh no! He's gone again cuz he's dead again.
Sabrina: (Pretend sobs)

Dallin: Fiona, you need to eat your lunch.
Fiona: (Puts her hands behind her head) I just can't! I don't have hands!

Oh, and for good measure, I'll include my other child. She doesn't like to be upstaged.

Deaun: Baba baba (Bottle)

Deaun: Daw daw daw (Dog)

Deaun: Dada, Dada (Dad, Mom)

Deaun: Mama mama (This is nonsense. It's just the word she uses when she's jabbering away.)

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