28 June 2009

adventure headquarters

dal and i decided that if we were going to tell you about all our adventures, we'd better show you our adventure headquarters, where ALL ADVENTURES BEGIN! (yessssssh!)

first is the entrance to the bat cave, i mean prison, i mean ADVENTURE HEADQUARTERS!

we'll zoom in now for a close up of our pet...
... flowers. you didn't think i was going to say dog did you? this is my baby pet. flowers are my favorite kinds of pets because they don't make noise, they don't poop or run around, you don't have to babysit them, and all you have to do is water them once a day and feed them flower food once a week and they grow like crazy!

as you walk in the door and turn to your left, we have the living room:
now, let's take a second look at that, shall we?

turn to your right at the door and you'll see our favorite spot. the kitchen. with dallin as the cook, we eat REALLY well in this house! thanks for always cooking me great food!

continue back and to the left we have our bedroom. thanks mom and dad for the pillow-top mattress. becuase of its supreme comfort, we chose that over sleeping in our tent on the living room floor!

the bedroom on the left is our computer/storage room. to avoid embarrassing ourselves, i'm not posting the picture of the storage part of the room... here is Dallin watching "The Secret of Nihm" on Hulu. okay, i watched it too...

and that concludes the grand tour of our even grander (and larger) apartment. i mean 2 room mansion. well, there is a bathroom too, but who wants to see pictures of that?

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  1. o goodness! that is awsome! now i know what your apartment looks like! 2 room masion is correct! aww hope all is well! miss you!