20 June 2009

Being Married to Becki

Just so everyone knows I have never blogged before so don't get all up in my face about it. Being married is the greatest thing I've ever done! Becki is so great and always takes care of me and she is so cute to worry about if I'm eating enough at lunch. I just love being around her all the time it makes my whole day. In those small moments between doing the dishes and putting food away. Or when we sit reading holding hands I can't help but wonder, "how lucky am I". And when I just look at her softly while she is so tired and sleepy I realize how truly beautiful she is. One of my favorite things is how tired she gets and she asks me to tell her a story and with in the first five minutes she is so tired her words slur together and she mumbles in her sleep.
As my wife knows, I am a very light sleeper. And what some people don't know is that Becki will occasionally talk while she is sleeping. So when she talks in her sleep I'll wake up and respond. Little did I know that she doesn't usually wake up when she talks. So one night around two o'clock she rolls over to snuggle close to me. To accommodate her better I put my arm under her head. After about 15 to 20 minutes my arm started to fall asleep. Naturally I moved my arm out form under her head, and as I was doing so she rolls away and says, "Fine, I just wanted to snuggle." At this time I was wondering if she was awake or asleep because I didn't know if she was genuinely upset. That morning I asked her if she was mad at me for last night. She looked at me puzzled, "what are you talking about?" she said. I shook my head and laughed because the whole night I was wondering if she was mad at me for not sleeping close with her, but as it turned out is was just that silly sleep talking syndrome. Yeah, so that is just one of the many adventures we've had so far. And as y'all know Barkers only have adventures. Stay tuned for the next adventure coming soon! Peace!


  1. She is a VERY SWEET girl! I'm glad she is married to such a great guy too.

    ~Shandi~ shandirae14@hotmail.com

  2. you guys are so great. dal, love it when you post on here!

  3. Oh Dallin...you don't really know me but I used to be one of Becki's roommates and let me tell you, she is the best sleep talker there ever was. Have her tell you about her grandpa's necklace sometime. Haha. I'm glad she found such a great guy.

  4. ok, so that sounded EXACTLY like what goes on in our house every night. i am definitely a talker, and ammon is the lightest sleeper. he always tells me the embarrassing things i saw in the middle of the night. i think it keeps things interesting 24 hours a day! :)