28 June 2009

The Adventure Tent!

That's right, we got our tent! It arrived Friday afternoon and I was so excited I couldn't wait to set it up...In our living room!Becki and I have been looking for a tent we could take on all our adventures and this one seemed like the best one for our needs.
It's name is 'The Adventure Tent' and this is what it is all about.
This is a Sierra Design model Antares 3 tent is a tough little camper and I'll show you what I mean. It is a 3 man, aluminum poled, light weight champion, no nonsense tent. Yes, all your dreams have come true in this Bangladesh made shelter. Not quite as strong to withstand a nuclear bast but, this little guy can hold it's own.
Becki and I wanted to see how it set up, since we are leaving over the 4th of July weekend for an adventure. We decided to set it up in our living room, which anyone can tell you takes more than a smile. Shown here is a picture of the tent, notice how it squeezes just between our TV and little couch.

The rain fly actually extends 12 square feet on either side to hold gear and other supplies.
After the assembly of 'The Adventure Tent' we decided we needed to check the inside and make sure everything was in order. The gear loft or attic is used for extra storage, along with coffee slings(which I don't think we will use) which are free with the tent.

I called my Dad to come over and check out the new addition we made to our adventure supplies collection. Needless to say he was impressed, and if I hadn't stopped him he might have taken the tent home with him.
That is all for today readers but tune in next time for more adventures!!

Remember, "Adventure is out there!" - Disney/Pixar, UP

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  1. THE ADVENTURE TENT! Sounds and looks incredible i'm glad to hear in case there is a nucleur explosion near your camp you guys might make it out alive. Good work on picking out such a sturdy tent. I'm positive this tent will accompany you through many adventures. I love the connection to UP. Adventure IS out there. And p.s. dad is super jealous