29 March 2011

10 things that are great about right now

1- i am almost done with my statistics class! last class ever! yes yes, i know most of you thought i was already done.and i was supposed to be, but i was short a few credits. so now i'm almost done for real and i will hopefully pull an a in the class and then i will have my bachelor's degree!

2- it took a year, but i am finally done paying off medical bills! it's amazing what being pregnant and having twins will do to your medical expenses. luckily the girls were perfectly healthy, so it was a lot less painful (for my wallet, at least) than it could have been.

3- the girls are starting to sit up all by themselves. (i'm on dallin's laptopper, so i don't have access to pictures, but i'll post some of those later)

4- we received our 2nd blog book (for the year 2010) in the mail last week. i love how much fun it is to go back and re-read our entries. now, i just need to get my blog printed from before d and i got married, and i'll be all caught up

5- d has less than a month left in the semester. this one has been a hard one for him full of lots of classes that he doesn't really like, but he's been stellar (like usual) and will finish up well. but the best part is that he will be done! for a few months at least.

6- d is also looking for a part-time job for the summer. he found a position at camp tracy (a boy scout camp) as a climbing instructor and has an interview this week. how perfect would he be at that?!

7- my cousin and his wife are being sealed to their daughter elizabeth this coming friday. she is such a sweet girl and i am so happy for them!

8- general conference is this weekend! i probably won't get to watch it on saturday because of work, but i'm really excited for sunday at least! it always makes me want to be a better person.

9- we've been doing a half-hearted "cry it out" this past week with the girls so that they can learn to sleep unswaddled and even with our lame efforts (me sneaking in to peak at them), the girls learned pretty quick to fall asleep in just a few minutes (as long as their tummies are full of course).

10- we've been having problems with our car starting lately. i took it into big o today to get it fixed, afraid it would be something like the started. luckily, all it needed was the battery terminals replaced and $26 later, we're good as new! how great is that?

11- i love how much sabrina & fiona are in awe of their surroundings. while d was working on homework this evening, i took the kiddos out for a walk in their stroller. we went carseat free this time, so they were just sitting up in the stroller on their own. we walked a few blocks and they didn't make a peep the entire time. i kept checking on them to see if they'd fallen asleep, but they were wide awake, turning their heads from side to side to just soak everything in, mouths in little "o's" just lapping it all up. i just love how aware they are becoming!

12- i'm sitting on the couch, while d is at the desktop working on a paper. it's quiet now cuz the girls are asleep. he's working so hard. i just feel super grateful and so blessed to have him for a husband. i love him so much and i love him more every day (sorry, i got the sappies there for a sec)

i could go on, but i better stop now, since i'm at #12 instead of just ten like i said. our life is busy! and crazy! and overwhelming a lot of the time, but when i sit down and think about it, i have no reason to complain! sure, it seems like there are days where i don't get anything done, or the girls cry all day, or i'm just so tired. it's hard sometimes because d would rather be working, and i'd rather be at home, but... i have a good job that pays the bills so that d can focus on school and get done quicker. f & s are awesome little sweeties who just bring so much love and laughter to our little tiny apartment. we are just so blessed! all we have to do is remember that.

what is something you are grateful for?


  1. i love you guys so much. and way to go on the Stats class!

  2. Woot! Great list of greats.

    I'm grateful for how I feel when I make lists like that. Perspective is such a blessing.

    Also, grateful that I have family like you.

  3. Um, PS--What is a blog book? :o