01 March 2011


it's funny how much things can change in just one year.

one year ago today, i went to the doctor for a pregnancy test and found out it was positive. then the tech asked me what my plans with the pregnancy were. she was asking me if i was planning on continuing the pregnancy. i said OF COURSE i'll be keeping the little rice dream (it's what we called the babe for the first few weeks)! the following months were hard of course, but totally worth it to hold those little tykes in my arms on october 13, 2010

i wonder what the next year holds for us...

(no, i'm not pregnant, just musing.)


  1. Oh my goodness, I thought you were announcing that you are pregnant again.... AHHH! That's cute you remember the day. :)

  2. oh my gosh. what if you did get pregnant this year.....

  3. Yeah, that pic freaked me out! And you have two adorable little cuties. So glad they're in this world! And you, too! Love you!