09 March 2011

Dinner Menu and Sleep Deprivation

I know that I haven't written in a long time but, I have made a goal to write at least once a month. Now you and a billion of your friends will get a once a month minimum subscription to my blog voice or should I say "bloice". You might be asking, "Dallin, why haven't you written in your family blog?" Here are a choice few from my list of one million reasons why I have not written in this blog. For example, I have been a full time student, taking 16 credits of educational law, Spanish, math and multicultural education classes. Or how about this; I'm a full time father of twins. Does that satisfy as a good excuse? If it doesn't I can email you my list or you can visit my website at www.onemillionreasonsnottowriteintheblog.org/dallin'sreasons\\therereallyareamilliongoodreasons.
I digress.
Now back by popular demand for a once a month appearance:
Dallin's blog post #12011
So I have a few things to say. First, my wife is a genius! She came up with this brilliant idea of a dinner menu. It sounds simple yet, it has saved our bacon; so to speak. The reasons behind the dinner menu are that Becki works late and I'm taking care of the girls and usually food doesn't cook itself. Therefore the solution, crock-pot dinners. Take note that this isn't always the case but, we have become fairly creative with dinner as of late.
The secret behind the menu is the menu. I know that doesn't make sense but if you shop with a purpose then you only buy what you need to make dinner for that week and you save money in the process. Furthermore, since you already know what you are having for dinner there is no questions as to what you will make. You never have to ask if you have the ingredients you need because you would have already bought the ingredients earlier that week. Genius! I just wanted to let you know how awesome my wife is.

Oh! I almost forgot. We have had some luck with the girls sleeping through the night but no more. For some reason Fiona and Sabrina have been waking up a few times through the night and it is a cruel existence to be living.
One trick that I have learned is this: Don't let them hit each other in the face. Once again it sounds simple but it is more difficult than
you can imagine. At night the girls like to flail their arms about like whirling dervishes and unintentionally slap each other in the face. One solution is to sack the stuffed animals and create a iron curtain to protect from the onslaught of fists and poking fingers. However, the wall of animals is not yet impenetrable so another course of action needs to be found.

Well this is life and it is a good one! Peace and Love!

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  1. Dallin - You crack me up! You and Becki should come and guest blog on my blog sometime...not that it's anything big, but it sure would be funny.