28 February 2010

it might be too early for this

but dallin and i decided to start our garden last night. we know it's too cold outside to grow anything just yet, but since it's inside, and since we have limited space, this tiny little garden should work pretty well. the humidity that seems to dwell in our apartment will make this the perfect little greenhouse!
we planted lemon basil, oregano, chives, and cilantro. these are some of our favorite herbs and we figure its something we can do to not only save money, but make the earth a greener place!
we figured we'd share our progress with you. this is our garden after day one.
we thought about getting chickens too, but i'm not so sure our landlord would love that...

1 comment:

  1. Oh I'm so jealous! I want to start an herb garden this year. You're so on top of it!