25 February 2010

Running "Barefoot"

So, I'm back! I know yall have missed my hilarious post so here is one that will hopefully benefit your health and running. As of late, there have been many discussions on N.P.R, The New York Times, Wired Magazine, and last but not least Christopher McDougal's book, Born to Run. In these discussions this question is asked, "Is running barefoot good for you?" Okay, I know what you may be thinking, everyone knows that mom doesn't let you outside without shoes, that is true. But here is a crazy idea, running barefooted is the way humans are supposed to run.
By ditching your running shoes, runners can develop a better stride, improve their distance, and greatly reduce their risk of sport related injuries. I suffer from acute tendinitis and planters fasciitis which is painful and happens when I run. The claim that running barefoot can ultimately eliminate running injuries and wont destroy your joints was good enough for me. So, I decided to try it out.
Now, there is a way that you can have the same feeling of running barefoot without worrying about sharp glass, dog poop, or nails while striding outside barefooted. The answer, Vibram Five Fingers! That's right, they totally look like hobbit feet. I have decided that since running completely barefoot is out of the question due to the weather and living in the city in Utah I've done the next best thing. So far, running has been fun; which to some of you may be surprising to hear coming from me. I have only just started and so far I love it! I would recommend this to anyone, especially those who may have bad feet or joint problems.
If you do start, take it easy, don't just pound out 5 miles on the first go. Walk around a bit, jog a half a mile and build up your endurance, for feets sake.


  1. love it Love It LOVE IT. let me know how it all turns out! love you!

  2. you are such a nerd- for feets sake. hahaha im still somewhat skeptical.... but i will see how it goes for you begore i make any drastic changes

  3. That is funny. I was at Wasatch Running Company the other day and one of the sales man was wearing those, and I thought, "Who is this guy kidding wearing those crazy things on his feet?" And then I read your blog and find that normal people wear these things. I am anxious to know how they work for you.