10 February 2010

just some regular adventures

i've been waiting until i had something exciting to post about, but that just isn't happening, so i figured i'd just give a quick update on what is going on with us. school is going really well for dallin, he is working so hard and getting good grades as a result. he is also working everyday in the afternoon and then does homework. he works so hard and it's so nice to have him around.
since i've been working in murray, it has been fun to come home on my lunch break to eat with dallin. it's a nice way to break up the work day and to spend some extra time with my hubby!

we've had a lot of fun the past month doing lots of different things. we've been climbing of course. we hung out with dal's cousin nate and had a great time, and kati came up and spent the night at our house and watched us sing in church the next day.

my mom taught me how to make some adorbable baby blankets. i have lots of friends having baby's so i figured this would be a fun thing to learn and it's turning out really well! i can't wait to start on the next one. it's green with little frogs. i'm all pinked out for now...

we've been watching lots of foreign films thanks to our new source of free movie rentals (the library!) and our favorite so far has been a japanese movie called departures. seriously, everyone should watch it. check your library, netflix it, whatever you need to, this is great.

we've spent time getting to know our neighbors. tyler and casey live just below us and they invited us over for FHE last week, we played some fun games and just had a fun time hanging out. casey is my visiting teacher, and i've really just had a great time getting to know her. she is one of those people that is just really easy to talk to and they are both just fun to be around.

we have a new favorite cookie recipe! dallin found this recipe for white chocolate and cranberry oatmeal cookies. they are SO delicious. we made about 4 dozen this past sunday, we gave about two dozen away, but i'm pretty sure we just ate the rest, they are so good! on the website, the tag line below the recipe is that these are quick and healthy cookies. quick, yes. health, i'm not so sure. i mean, they do have craisins and oats in them, but then they have about 2 cups of sugar and a cup of butter too, so i'm not really sure they are really benefiting our waistlines much :)

so dallin and i bought some new cereal (wait for it, wait for it friends, this story has a point. we aren't desperate enough to start blogging about grocery shopping, yet...) anyway, just check out the picture of this corn flake. no that is not a miniature triscuit, it's just a giant flake! yeah, i can see the shock on your faces now. we are officially the coolest people for capturing the world's largest corn flake in a picture at our own apartment. soak in the beauty. you're jealous, i know. it's okay.


  1. ha ha. nice cornflake. now that you're famous for it, can i get your autograph... please?

  2. So I want the recipe to those cookies, they look delicious! Please post or leave it in a comment on my blog...pretty pleeeeaasse :) Glad to hear all is good with you. I miss my becks and I think you need to come visit the GCo clan :)