29 December 2014

Deaun at 18 months

Oh man, Deaun. I don't even know where to start with this squishy little munchkin! 18 months old is a fun time!!

Words she says:
Nona (Fiona)
Nona (Sabrina)
Ho ho ho (Santa)
Bampa (Grandpa)
Daw daw (dog)
Yiss (Yes)
Peez (please)
Baba (bottle- which also translates to "I'm tired, give me my bottle."
Dack-eh (jacket- which also translates to "Let's go outside."
Here go (Here you go)
Wah wah (Water or drink)
Baby (her baby doll)
Deezuh (Jesus)

She growls when she doesn't like something or you take something from her or you won't let her do something. Loud, mad, angry, hilarious growls. 

We finally tossed her bottles about a week ago and forced her to start taking a sippy cup at night and she hates it. But she drinks from a cup at meals, and she holds it herself and everything. 

She thinks she is as big and old and smart as the twins. When we started the twins in preschool in November, she was very disappointed that she didn't get to go with them. (Translation: She screamed and growled and clawed to show her disappointment.)

Deaun climbs on everything: tables, chairs, desks, couches, bookshelves and she hardly ever holds still. She is always running or climbing or throwing things. 

The only times she does hold still are when she is sleeping or reading books. And boy does this girl love to read! We aren't talking about baby board books, this girl likes long books. Books that the girls like to read. Surprise. 

Anyway, Deaun is just a bundle of cuteness and energy and mischief and we love her SO SO much. She is so very loved by all of us and is always making us laugh with her antics. We love having her in the family.

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