30 December 2014

Arthur's Seat

One of the things we wanted to do before the end of the year was to hike to Arthur's seat with the girls. If not to the top, at least as far as we could reasonably get with three girls in tow.
So on December 29th, we set out mid-morning with Deaun in the pack on Dallin's back. 

The morning was gorgeous and not too cold, but once we made it to Holyrood Park, the ground was quite frosty and slippery. We only made it about 2/3 of the way up before we decided to head back.

That was mostly because I was uncomfortable going farther with the ground so slick and  the girls needing hands to hold, I was worried about the girls slipping and falling in the mud. Don't worry, they didn't. Although I did twice while trying to prevent them from falling. Haha. Dallin told me my second fall was the most awkward, slow fall he had ever seen! And he's right. It felt awkward. Haha. 

But we had a good time and the views were amazing, so we can't wait to try it again once it warms up a bit. 

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