27 December 2014

Christmas 2014

The Christmas Season:
While I was worried about being away from family during the season, it ended up being okay. We played with friends, participated in church activities and Dal and I even got TWO dates in the books. We visited the Christmas Markets in the city center and started some fun new traditions.

Fiona as a wise man, and Sabrina as Mary in their Nursery School Nativity. They did a great job and sang all their songs very well. Let me just say that I loved that the Nativity is allowed in schools in Scotland. There isn't a separation of church and state here like there is in the US, and I for one, found it refreshing. It was sweet to listen to some cute Christmas songs that we hadn't heard before. Totally darling.

At the ward Christmas party.

The Sunday before Christmas, the girls wore their Christmas dresses from Grandma Truck (Dianne) and Auntie Sarah and participated in the Church nativity where Fiona and Sabrina were both shepherds.

Christmas Eve:
On Christmas Eve, Dal and I spent most of the day in the kitchen prepping dinner for that night. Without family to visit like usual we decided to just be together. We had Swedish meatballs, which I loved so much I think I might make it a new Christmas Eve tradition, read stories together, watched some Christmas movies and read our traditional Christmas Eve stories (Luke 2 and The Happy Prince). It was quiet and peaceful and very sweet.

Google Hangout with the Robison's on Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve jammies:

Christmas Day:
On Christmas Day, we opened presents and had one of Dallin's school friends over for breakfast. We had red velvet crepes and they were delicious. Then we went to the church for a Christmas dinner with friends from the ward. We had people from the United States, England, Scotland, the Phillipines, and South Africa. It was so fun!

Christmas morning:

A trip to Disneyland!

All in all, we had a really wonderful Christmas season. Different from any other, but very special, and one that will hold a place in my heart for always.

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