20 December 2014

Christmas in Edinburgh

Like a lot of cities in Europe, Edinburgh seems to go all out for Christmas. They set up Christmas markets in the city center and they have rides, games, booths, and food galore. It's quite amazing and very fun to visit. We made a couple of trips to see it over the month before Christmas.

Along George Street, there are a bunch of these fake trees with generators that all look amazing.

This is St. Andrew's Square. The ride on the left is a slide called the Helter Skelter and the ice rink below is shaped like a donut.

A view of Edinburgh Castle through the lit up trees along Princes Street. 

The Christmas tree and Fiona in Old College.

The Big Wheel at the main Christmas Market in the Princes Street Gardens.

The Big Wheel above and Santa's village for the kids below. They had a Christmas tree maze, reindeer rides, big slides, roller coasters, etc. and we had a lot of fun exploring it all!

And then of course, Edinburgh gave us several sunrises like this over the course of the month. Just absolutely gorgeous!

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